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Unknown Space

Out now

Currently available as a prototype and available for download for android or windows by clicking on the link below. Work will continue between assignments.

Starting life as Swashbucklers, I started this project as part of my mobile game fundamentals unit in the first semester of second year. We were tasked with creating a pirate themed game with 4 scenes, these were the hub where other scenes can be accessed, the market where plunder can be sold for gold, the shipyard where upgrades will be bought and the sea where random enemies would be spawned according to certain rules. You would then destroy these enemies and loot the plunder they dropped and then return to the hub. I have chosen to carry this project on in my spare time by changing to a space theme and will also be applying techniques and coding standards I was not aware of at the time such as object pooling, A* path-finding and more advanced AI logic which could mean incorporating a state machine or decision tree.

This was my first real experience of unity. I definitely had fun working on this but looking back from where I am now, I can definitely see room for improvement! Though I am pleased with the result as the first game I produced in the engine. I also got an A grade for my efforts too!

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