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PS4 Dungeon Explorer

Developed during my console development unit and written in C++, this project posed a unique challenge to me. Not only would I say it was the toughest unit I have had to date that required over a month of solid work but I would also say it was the most rewarding. Efficient memory management, multi-threading for both sound and music and a number of optimisations were key. The former I achieved through the use of programming my own texture and sound management systems that ensured only one of each file was loaded to conserve memory. For the latter, I also researched and managed to apply a binary space partition to the game world to optimise collision. 


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed  the hard work, it also allowed me to form stronger social links with fellow students that were also working hard. Fortunately for us, we all did very well in this unit and each netted an A!

Below you'll see a video of gameplay. Essentially the aim is to navigate through the level collecting explosions and avoiding the AI. Very basic procedural generation and animations were required which is why the player and enemy are both very colourful with a strange number of vertices! That's right, the player and enemy have a random number of vertices within a set range.

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