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Nearest and deerest

Developed during the 2019 48 hour global game jam in which we were working with the theme of "What does home mean to you?".

We decided, as a team, to go with a experiential game in which the player takes the form of a stag looking for his lost family to restore his world to the vibrance that it used to be in a dark wood filled with hostile wolves.

My role in the team involved me managing our repository, importing sounds, programming a finite state machine to map the wolves behaviour along with importing the models that our artist created. 

I also learned more about the particle system in unity as I created the fireflies that surround the player along with a few other particle effects that didn't make it into the final build due to time constraints.

I also produced a shader that rendered the world in grey-scale except for the parts of the world illuminated by either the fireflies or the players spotlight.

Finally, I used the terrain tool to build the level and paint on the 3D objects our artist had produced.

For me, the most enjoyable part of this project was working as part of a close-knit team that synergized very well.


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