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You can

Winner of the BCS Animation and Games Development SG Student Competition 2018

honor date: Aug 2018  honor issuer: BCS, The Chartered Institute of IT

Working as part of a team of 4 over a two day period, we had to come up with an idea that would have a positive impact on the world. We decided to make a small demonstration of a game to help manage depression. We called this you can. Inspired by real cognitive behavioural techniques. The link to the competition can be found here:


My role in this project was contributing to planning and idea stage and doing my part during the implementation process. During implementation, I offered to program a music and sound manager as well as the player companion animal, though the animal didn't end up being used in the final submission despite it being some-what functional. I also assisted my fellow teammates with their tasks where required such as coming up with some of the stories contained in the letters.

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